Starting a new business?
Looking to expend existing business?

"The Mati Jerusalem marketing series with Shari AND Michael
was incredible. I use the tools daily in posting and
advertising my practice. I am in the process of developing
a website which is the area i need the greatest support in."

OLIM Vatikim (over 10 years in Israel) It's your turn!
Are you a small business owner, freelancer, coach, designer, or starting a new business?
Even in the idea stage, or looking to grow, this is for you!

Our workshops are a great way to learn new Business and Digital Marketing Skills and connect with other businesses in a supportive atmosphere.

Keeping up to date and abreast of digital trends can be a huge challenge and is almost enough to be a full-time job. So, why not save time on the research and enroll yourself in our workshop series.
Each unit is specifically designed to teach you the skills and give you the tools to open and operate your business.

MATI has made it very affordable and it is highly subsidized - 500 Shekel.
500 shekel for approx 45 academic hours!

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions letter before making your payment.
You will receive the Zoom link once your payment has gone through.


4th and 12th session are doubles
45 Academic Hours

Starting January 24rd, 2022
Twice Weekly

Monday and Wednesday

500 Shekel
Payment - credit card
Installments (tashlumim)

ZOOM - you will have access
to the recordings

About the Program - Features and Goals

The business world is complex and dynamic, and in order to successfully start your journey and to
move forward, you have to know how to conduct your business well. MATI's "Business and Digital
Marketing Workshop Series" is meant to help you achieve precisely
that, and provide you with practical knowledge and tools while addressing the
the challenges in establishing and managing a business.

MATI for the past 26 years, has led to the opening of thousands of new businesses in Jerusalem.
Along with its extensive experience, it is updated and adapted to the changing needs and
innovations that are taking place in the business world.
Our team of leading lecturers is providing ongoing mentoring and support to a variety of businesses
in Jerusalem and environs.

"The workshop was really amazing. I learned so much from Shari and
Michael, I try to use whatever I have learned every day in my
business. Shari is so positive and motivating - she made every class
fun and has really motivated me in my new business. Thank you!!!!! "


This 12- session WORKSHOP SERIES, in English, will cover the following topics:

Unit 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Unit 2: Content - the backbone of marketing
Unit 3: 10 Things They Won’t Tell You Before Setting Up a Business: Tools, types of businesses, and
business models.
Unit 4. Building a Personal/Product Brand and Visual Branding - CANVA (double)
Unit 5: Facebook for the Growing Business
Unit 6: Instagram is Hot!
Unit 7: The Biggest Lie of Entrepreneurs: “Of course I am planning a budget”. Budgets Cash flow, Pricing
and Time Management.
Unit 8: Intro to Facebook Ads
Unit 9: Yes to Video! create your own videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc,
Unit 10: Websites, landing pages, and clinic - Intro to eCommerce
Unit 11: Who knows better: You or the authorities? How to handle paperwork in a foreign language, with a
specific drill down on the process of importing.
Unit 12: LinkedIn and Pinterest - Wrap up (double)


"The MATI workshop is absolutely invaluable. Thank you Shari and Michael
for taking the time to organize this information and teach it in such an
accessible and engaging manner. I feel much more confident in my ability
to start a business thanks to you!"


Michael Horesh

For the past 15 years, Michael Horesh has delivered
practical support to hundreds of enterprises, wishing
to innovate, secure growth and improve their bottom

Michael Horesh links mundane terminology like
budgeting, cash flow control and business models with
the tangible daily issues of management and

From concept stage to fully flourishing enterprises, his
clients emerge with a transformed business strategy,
higher sales and a hungrier approach to achieve even

And it can even be a lot of fun along the way.
Michael Horesh, Business Ambassador
Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent

Shari Wright Pilo

With over 25 years of experience in Marketing, I have
co-founded a startup and consulted in-house for
multiple businesses and hundreds of entrepreneurs.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, my mantra is “reap
what you sow”. I believe that sharing is the key to
success. It isn’t enough to simply serve up the best
product or service. You need to offer added value -
and the more you share, the more you will gain.

My biggest passion is teaching small business owners
and entrepreneurs, supporting them as they build,
scale, and sustain their businesses.

For 10 years now, I’ve worked as a Consultant and
Lead Lecturer in Digital Marketing at the non-profit
Mati in Jerusalem, where hundreds have participated
in my hands-on educational workshops. I guide
students with essential tips, tricks and hacks for
successful Marketing that truly generates sales.

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